Thursday, December 26, 2013

The 13 Best Posts of 2013

Here's some of the most popular (and my personal favorite) posts from this past year:
1. I is for Iguana - I have had fun with all our alphabet activities (even though we still have two letters left) but for some reason this Iguana activity has been very popular.

2. Three Name Recognition Activities - We actually added a few more to the list so there's five different activities now.  Chiquita doesn't know how to write her name yet, but she always knows it when she sees it!

 3. Egg Carton Apples - I love to be able to use recycled materials in our crafts!

4. Gift Guide for Guifts that Matter - I'm really happy that this was popular.  I personally included some of them items and others from these organizations in my gift giving this year and it makes me glad I was able to support things that are important to me with my gifts.

5. Recycled Tea Set - I wish I could report that Chiquita still plays with this but unfortunately it lived through a lot of love and ended in the recycle bin again.  That's the great part about recycled toys though, I don't feel guilty when they end up in the recycle bin and we have room in the toy bin for something new!

6. Preschooler Counting Card Game - This truly was a great plane ride game!

 7. Rooms in the House - Spanish for Preschoolers - I think the paper bag houses were the most popular part of this post, but the Spanish lesson was really fun.  The kids loves searching for the sleepy cat.
8. Hopscotch - Proof that the best activities are often the simplest.  My neighbors can attest that we played hopscotch often until it was too cold to go outside.  Now Chiquita plays "hopscotch" on the tiles in our kitchen.

9. G is for Ganso - This was actually one of my favorite alphabet craft results.  I love this little goose.

10. T es de Tortuga - I was proud of myself for making up a game and poem for this letter activity.  It was part of the 31 Days of ABCs hosted by All Done Monkey - very fun to participate in!

11. Opuestos - This was another fun Spanish for Preschoolers class activity.  Chiquita and I played with the opposite flash cards the rest of the year.  Still a favorite.

12. O es de Oceano - My favorite part of this was that I convinced Chiquita to speak Spanish when she didn't want to.  Is that bad?

13.  Pink Sharks and Hairdryers  - I love the ideas that kids come up with!  I have to remember to let her have the reigns more often.


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  2. These projects are AWESOME! Thank you for sharing with us at the #homeschoollinkup. I am pinning this excellent post on our pinterest boards so others will have access to your fantastic ideas.

    Thanks for linking up. I hope you come back and share more of your projects. Happy New Year!