Tuesday, March 12, 2013

G es de Ganso

We introduced the letter G with a cute bilingual board book, "Gossi/Gansi" by Olivier Dunrea.  It tells the tale of a gansita (little goose) with bright red boots.  We walked around like Gansi - walking atras or "adelante", in the lluvia (rain) and the nieve (snow).  Chiquita especially liked walking atras (backwards).

We followed up with a letter craft!
I love trying to figure out how to get the letters into the shape of things.  I drew a big letter G and a little letter g.  Chiquita colored our purple piece of construction paper while I cut them out.  I let her play with the letters for a minute while I cut out a beak and feet from yellow construction paper.  Then I assembled them into a goose shape and added a googly eye.  Chiquita and I glued them down - I put the glue as a guide where to put each piece and occasionally nudged a piece a little so that it ended up looking like a goose.  Then we added two red boots so it could be just like Gansi in the story!

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  1. I love letter learning crafts. Your goose is so cute.

  2. Oh, I love it!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!

  3. Such a cute little goose! I love how you used upper and lower case letters to make this craft!