Monday, January 7, 2013

Three Name Recognition Activities

I know chiquita is starting to recognize words because she can identify shows from the tv guide without pictures (we watch so much more tv than I intended, oh well).

So this week I decided we would focus on recognizing her name!  Here are some of the activities we're doing:

1. Laminated Name Game - I just wrote her name in block letters on a piece of paper and traced it  on another paper.

Looking back I could have copied it or printed it out on the computer.  I colored each letter a different color (in rainbow order just for fun) to help her match them more easily.

One name was just glued to construction paper and laminate, and I cut out the letters of the other and laminated them individually. A bit of Velcro for each letter and our matching game was ready.

2. Clothes pin spelling - I found this activity and knew it would three birds with one stone, name, colors, and fine motor.  The focus in the original post was more learning to spell, but I knew she could match colors and at 2 yrs old I'm not super worried about spelling yet.

I wanted to make it rainbow colored like our laminate matching game, but I learned that I should have only colored the tips of the clothespins since some colors were too dark to see the black marker on top of.

Chiquita hadn't used clothespins before so it was a little challenging, but that was good.

3. Color and cut - I just wrote her name and let her paint it. When it dried I cut it out and hung it on her mirror. That  we were able to practice recognizing her name whenever we wash her hands or brush her teeth.

That was all it took! She recognizes her name now!

*Update* I've added more activities: Sticky Name Recognition and Name Letter Hunt

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  1. Thanks for linking this post to Tuesday Tots. I've featured it here: :)

  2. I love your idea about laminating your little one's name and then cutting out the letters to encourage her to match! I'll be doing this as soon as i get chance :D