Monday, July 22, 2013

O es de Oceano

We have finally returned to our letter crafts, and O es de Oceano (Ocean)!

I started by cutting out a big blue O.  We happened to have a paper plate that Chiquita had already painted blue with green glitter that I used, but construction paper would work just fine.  Chiquita glued it to a piece of paper.

We talked about it being an O and that Oceano started with an O.  Then I got out a few sheets of ocean animal stickers and let Chiquita populate the ocean!  I made her practice the Spanish names of all the animals (she wasn't super enthusiastic about speaking Spanish with me today) as she put them on.

shark = tiburon
whale = ballena
sea turtle = tortuga del mar
sea star = estrella del mar
fish = pez
lobster = langosta
crab = cangrejo

We used some bigger ones that were easy for her to peel and place and some very tiny ones that she struggled with getting off her fingers onto the paper a little.  It was a good fine motor practice, but she was done trying to get them on the paper before she was done decorating and asked very nicely for me to put them on for her.  This was helpful with vocabulary practice since I "didn't understand" when she asked me for certain animals in English.


  1. Love this! You always have the best ideas for alphabet crafts in Spanish. Thanks for linking up to Linky Lunes!

  2. Great activities! And I love the tips for dealing with those times when they don't want to speak Spanish.