Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rooms in the House - Spanish with Preschoolers

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Today in Spanish for Preschoolers we learned about the rooms in the home.  First I took the kids on a tour of the apartment - we visited:
la cocina = kitchen
el bano = bathroom
el dormitorio = room
la sala = living room

*Note* These words really vary from country to country.  I chose simple, informal versions that I'm most familiar with. 

*Second note* activities which involve preschoolers following you around are not always a great idea.  It was hard to keep their attention.  

Then we read "Gato Tiene Sueño" by Kitamura Satoshi, a book about a sleepy cat wandering around the house in search of a nap.  While we were reading I had the kids try to guess what room the cat was in.  They could guess most in English but had a hard time remembering all the new vocabulary, so mainly it was a chance to reinforce those new words.

Then we played "Escondito" (Hide and Seek) with a cat cut out.  One of the kids and I would hide the cat in a room while everyone had their eyes closed.  I made a big show of opening and closing doors and wandering all around so they wouldn't know where we'd put the cat.  Then in Spanish I would tell them which room the cat was in, "el baño", "la cocina" etc. and if they could understand me then they found the cat right away!  There was always at least one kid who could remember pretty quickly, and they all really enjoyed this game.

We finished with a simple paper bag house craft.  We just glued on doors and windows and bushes (or whatever the kids wanted) to a paper bag.  Then we filled the paper bag with shredded paper (so happy to find a use for all my shredded paper!) and either stapled or glued a folded piece of paper on for the roof.  Very simple.  Some turned out more house like than others depending on how much adults helped.

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  1. I love the activities you did and that the book looks great - adding to my library list!

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  5. Thank you for linking up to the Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop! These are such fun activities and I especially like the hide and seek with the cat and how many different ways you found to reinforce the new vocabulary! I'm pinning this so I remember to try it with my kids!

  6. Great activity! What a fun way to reinforce the vocabulary! Thanks for linking up!

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