Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Top Ten Posts of 2012

This blog has been a lot of fun, but more importantly for me it has helped to keep me inspired and motivated to make time for crafts, outings and fun activities with Chiquita.  I hope that we've helped you spend more time playing with your kid(s) too!

Here are this year's ten most viewed posts:

This was the first real link-up that I tried this year.  I am glad we had so many people visit and share their fun ideas for activities with paper plates!

2. Alpine Splash Pad
For all our local peeps!  This is one of our favorite summer-time play places.  When Chiquita and I first started "going out" I really appreciated reviews so I'm glad people were able to read ours.

This is still one of Chiquita's favorite toys.  I gave her a Christmas themed one this week!  Lots of fun, little money.

I can't believe I made this!  I am not a sew-er.  Bonus is it was made completely from clothes I didn't wear anymore.

Craft and lesson in one!

We learned a lot about the Day of the Dead and got great craft ideas!  Thank you!

We made trees!  Spanish for Preschoolers is so fun!

This activity was for Chiquita's Butterfly birthday party!  The kids really scored!

This activity was just a few weeks ago so I'm surprised it made it on the list!  With salt dough and some help from Mommy, Chiquita made gifts for our neighbors, family and friends!

This was probably my favorite paper plate craft.  It's still hanging up in my office :)

Thank you so much for visiting and playing with us this year.  We look forward to 2013!

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