Thursday, September 20, 2012

Butterfly Bowling

Chiquita's birthday is coming up and we're having a butterfly theme so I'm getting crafts ready!

I wanted to have a game for all the kids, not just the girlie girls so I came up with Butterfly Bowling loosely based on the post "Family Bowling" at No Time for Flashcards.

This craft was Super Recycling! I took toilet paper rolls we had previously covered in duct tape to make spy glasses for Spanish for Preschoolers and cut butterfly wings from Recycled Paper Chiquita had painted on.  I drew a face and antenna on the duct taped roll.  After some less than successful attempts with glue I just stapled on the wings.  I only made 6 "pins" to keep it simple but you could make the full 10.

To play we just set them up and rolled a ball at them.  During Chiquita's trial run she tried once rolling it (like I told her) and missed the pins so then she just got up close and hit them over with the ball.  Very effective!  We might have to play a few more times to keep her from "cheating" at her party.

Depending on your kids age and/or coordination you could have a different size ball.  I think at the party we'll have a bigger ball for the little ones and the smaller whiffle ball for the older ones to make it fun for everyone!

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