Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Otoño (Fall) Activities

In Spanish for Preschoolers today we read the fable of the pear tree, "El arbol de peras".  The story tells how a father sent each of his children to visit a pear tree in a different season.  After they all got back they compared what they'd seen.  The moral of the fable is to never judge anything or anyone by the season of life they are in because it's only part of who they are.

This was a printable mini book that I put together.  You can download it for your niño here.  To assemble the book fold all the pages in half - the last page is the cover.  Tuck the folded pages (make sure they're in the right order!) into the cover and staple three times along the spine.

After reading the book we made fall trees and listened to "Hojas" a song about leaves falling that I found on Spanish Playground.

Our first trees were inspired by the apple trees that Reading Confetti added to our paper plate link-up.  Of course we made some changes.  Since the song we listened to talked about all the colors of leaves we cut out leaves in cafe (brown), anaranjado (orange), amarillo (yellow), morado (purple), verde (green) and rojo (red) from construction paper.

When one of the kids said the leaves looked like crystals we decided to add veins with crayons.  They looked much more leaf like.  Then we glued them to our paper plates and added a toilet paper roll trunk.

We made our second trees by collecting real leaves from my backyard.  We found green, yellow, brown AND purple leaves!  I was impressed by the variety.  We also got to cross another activity off our Fall Bucket list (not that we won't do it again).

The "fake" leaves will probably last longer but both trees were fun to make and gave us a chance to talk about colors and fall.

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  1. Such fun fall activities! Thanks for sharing at the Sunday Showcase. :)