Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Feeling faces - Sentimientos

Today in Spanish for Preschoolers we learned about feelings.  We read "Coco y Tula, Sentimientos" by Patricia Geis, where we met Coco and Tula and learned about the things that make them feel happy, sad, loving, mad and embarrassed.  We talked about what makes us feel those feelings too. We practiced pretending each emotion, making happy and sad faces. 

For our craft we made funny feeling faces.  I printed the eyes & mouths from the faces folder game from the LDS welfare website.  Each child chose which eyes and mouth they wanted, pasted them to a paper plate & then colored them.

Then we decided to cut hair & ears.  For a face with short hair we cut out ears and cut away all the ring of the plate except a bit on top.  For longer hair we cut away the bottom of the ring where the neck would be and made slits up the ring around to where the top of the ears would be & made a notch on top for a part.  Look at the pictures for a better idea.  You could add yarn hair or change up this craft in a million ways.

After the craft we revisited the emotions and decided how our faces felt. 

Obviously we did this all in Spanish to learn vocabulary but even in English it could be a fun way to talk about feelings.

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