Wednesday, October 16, 2013

S es de Serpiente

We had a little extra time this morning so I thought we'd do a quick version of this letter craft before dance class.

I took a paper Chiquita had painted on some time ago (before last night when she and her babysitter turned all of her pots of paint brown :)) so that we could have a colorful serpiente (snake) and drew a big letter S with a sharpie.  Chiquita was a little concerned about her artwork when I cut out the letter S, but making a snake was worth it!

Chiquita is getting enough hand strength that she mainly managed the gluing down of the snake, tongue and googly eyes, but she did need a little help squeezing every once in a while.  Sometimes I still have to remind myself that the goal is Chiquita learning and having fun, not making a super cute snake...

We tried practicing drawing the letter S next to our snake, but Chiquita is not there yet - she can make pretty good circles and wiggly lines though!

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