Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Toddler Thank You Notes

After an exciting birthday party where Chiquita got to focus on HER I wanted to make sure we put some focus back on other people.  I think written thank-you notes are a great way to help us be grateful as well as fun for the recipients.

Even though Chiquita doesn't write at all yet (not even a semblance of her name... we tried) I wanted to have her be as involved as possible.  I printed off these cute fill-in-the-blank Dora thank-you notes from nickjr.com and sat down with her.  I filled them out with her telling me who came to her party (and others who gave gifts before or after her party) and trying to remember what they gave her.  She certainly remembered who came and what she got but figuring out who gave her what was a little hazy.

After the notes were written I let her color them with crayons.  Then we made some very simple envelopes.  I let Chiquita pick out what color she wanted for each of her friends and then folded "hamburger" style, with one half about 2 inches longer than the other to make the overlap closure.  We used a glue stick along the two sides and while that dried I wrote their name on the front and Chiquita picked out a Dora sticker or two to decorate.  We added the notes and sealed up the envelopes!

I think Chiquita's favorite part was mailing and delivering them.


  1. Good on ya, sis. I think hand-written thank you notes are important and I'm glad to have a wife that reminds me about them ;-)

  2. oh making the envelopes is a great idea. Goblin is so anti mark making that he wouldn't have agreed to colour thank you cards. But your daughter did a great job, they look lovely.