Thursday, February 7, 2013

Snake Crafts Round up

Since it's the Year of the Snake I wanted to do a round up of my favorite snake crafts!

Paper Plate Snake - We just did this craft today.  Just paint a plate and cut it into a spiral.  Add eyes and a tongue and your done!

Stringing Snakes - Chiquita really loved this craft.  These snakes still lurk around our house.  Our cats love them too so I'm never sure where they will turn up.

Painted Snake (from No Time For Flash Cards) - I love that she left this craft very open ended!

TP Roll Snake (from Red Ted Art) - Yeah for Recycling!

Easy Fabric Snake - This was actually Chiquita's Christmas present - she was so happy!  Two of her cousins had stuffed snakes that she'd really wanted to take home.  I took scrap flannel and cut out a general snake shape.  I used red flannel to make a tongue.  I just pinned it inside the two pieces of flannel so that when I sewed around it was sewed in to the mouth (sorry, I know not great instructions).  After I turned it inside out I stuffed it lightly with polyfill and added two button eyes (very securely).

Pet Snake - We were inspired by Red Ted Art's accordian-style dragons.  I couldn't find popscicle sticks though so I just tied a pipecleaner around it's neck and ended up with a pet snake that Chiquita could take for a walk. Which she did.  It also became the baby of the paper plate snake we made earlier.  She's big on family right now.


  1. HI! Thanks for stopping by Tiger Tales and I appreciate the invite to your craft feature. I'll hook up when I have something to contribute there :0)

  2. Cute little purple snake!

    Thanks for sharing at Sharing Saturday!