Friday, October 18, 2013

Inspired By... Halloween!

I don't have any original ideas this year, so even though you haven't seen many Halloween posts from me yet we have been doing Halloween themed activites!  We've been trying out lots of activities from fellow bloggers, so I thought I'd share them "round-up" style:

  • Calaveras - All Done Monkey did an adorable round-up of skeleton activities.  I let Chiquita look them over and pick what she wanted to do.  She definitely wanted to make a "girl skeleton"!  I took part of the idea from the q-tip skeleton that You Are the Roots did and part from the popsicle stick calaveras from Spanglish Baby.  This meant we built a q-tip calavera and dressed her up!
  • TP Roll Bats - I found these on Red Ted Art.  They had the great idea of using them as mini pinatas, but we just made them for Halloween decor.  The biggest different that I made was using another tp roll for the wings rather than construction paper.  I cut up the side and flattened out the roll to a square.  Then I cut diagonally to made two triangles.  I put one triangle on top of the other (so the wings would be symetrical) and cut out bat wings.  I ended up stapling the wings to the body so they were more sturdy.
  • Pumpkin Number Hunt - I loved all of these Halloween activities from Toddler Approved, but so far I've only tried the pumpkin number hunt.  I didn't have pumpkin cut-outs so I just traced everything with a pumpkin cookie cutter.  I taped up the key on the fridge at Chiquita height and stuck pumpkins all over the house.  I helped her find the first one and then fixed breakfast while she ran around the house looking for the rest of them.  I think this might become a morning tradition!

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