Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Butterfly birthday cake

At Chiquitita's birthday party we not only played Butterfly Bowling and painted our Salt Dough butterflies we also had the most awesome butterfly birthday cake I have ever made.  Ok, the most awesome of any kind of cake I have ever made.

My inspiration came from coolest-birthday-cakes.com  Butterflies Cake 43.

I started out with two batches of my Choose Your Own Adventure Cake with homemade apricot jam in it.  One batch went in a big sheet cake pan and the other in a round cake pan and a heart shaped cake pan.  The purple butterfly is with a round cake pan, just like she explains on Coolest Birthday Cakes, but the pink butterfly is just one heart shaped pan carved into a butterfly.  Maybe my heart pan is bigger than hers but I didn't have room on my sheet cake for a two heart butterfly.

She didn't mention in her instructions but I had learned by all the Cake Boss episodes I watched during Chiquitita's first few months of life (we did NOTHING back then) that it is important to cool cakes thoroughly before carving them.  It really worked!  I actually put them in the freezer for a few hours and that made it much easier to carve.  I put them in the freezer again before I frosted them and then in the fridge after the initial frosting.  I think it really helped everything set for the final frosting.

That final frosting was my biggest challenge.  I'm not artistic, so drawing with frosting was very intimidating.  I found out that the star tip was my friend and that when in doubt add more frosting.  I kept forgetting to buy licorice for the antennae and would you believe my husband doesn't know what it is?  I think he spent an hour at the grocery store looking for it.  He kept trying to get Twizzlers (which I hate) so we used candles instead.

What do you think?

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