Monday, June 18, 2012

Sticky Turtle

We were watching the Go Diego episode about Galapagos turtles today and I knew it was time to do this craft.  I had been inspired by the sticky turtle on Rainy Day Mum, but instead of putting glue on the shell part I cut it out and put overlapping packaging tape sticky side up to cover that part.  You could use contact paper instead.

Chiquita helped me rip up 3 different colors of green tissue paper.  However she didn't want to put them on the sticky turtle.  I think she liked her paper to much.  So...

...Plan B!  We got out green glitter and she was very happy to sprinkle that all over.  I put packing tape over the top to "seal in" the glitter and the happy turtle is on our fridge!

This is my new favorite craft.  Ripping up paper is always fun for toddlers and like the Butterfly Craft we did a while back the packaging tape has fun sticky texture and makes a great alternative to glue.

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