Thursday, February 6, 2014

Inspired by You: Sensory Dough

We have done lots of kinds of homemade play dough, lots of colors, with glitter, scented, etc.  But we had never tried other kinds of dough until now.

I saw Lemon Scented Yellow Sensory Bin on Life is Peachy and decided this would be our first foray.  I couldn't locate the sidewalk chalk and I thought I could just use food coloring to turn it yellow.  Silly me, food coloring is water-soluble, not oil-soluble, so the cloud dough didn't really turn yellow.  It was nice and lemon scented though.

Chiquita loved playing with it.  She actually played with the dough and random assorted yellow toys that I had found (minions, pipe cleaners, tp tubes covered in yellow duct tape from butterfly bowling, etc.) for over an hour!

Another day we checked out this recipe for Foam Dough from Early Activities and Projects, Mom Trusted.  Again Chiquita was thrilled!  I was really glad to because I had trouble getting her to do messy activities in the past.  She still had to wash her hands a few times, but she got up to her elbows in shaving cream first.

I couldn't really get it to a moldable dough, it would smush really nice and smooth for a while and then sort of disappeared unless we only played very gentle.  Chiquita loved how soft it was and really had a lot of fun.  I brought out some ice cube trays for her to play with, but mainly she just liked squishing it and asked for more shaving cream.

These sensory doughs will definitely be joining the rotation!

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