Saturday, October 26, 2013

Soap Skulls - Science Experiment Extension

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I finally tried the soap in the microwave experiment I've seen all over the internet for years.  It wasn't brand name, but it still puffed up all over the place.  Chiquita was duly impressed.

*Note to self* don't be surprised if things are hot after you have microwaved them.

I got it out and put it on a big cookie sheet and started playing with it too soon, hence the above note.  I added more water to get it into a foam and tried to get Chiquita interested in playing with it.  Not so much... She got her hands in it once or twice but immediately wanted to wash her hands.  I, on the other hand, had tons of fun.  It's ok for moms to enjoy these activities sometimes, right?

I had seen a cute idea on Sow Sprout Play to use the exploded soap to make Halloween soaps.  I had cute skeleton ice cube trays that I'd used in the past to make gummies seemed like just the ticket.  I smooshed the foam in and let it dry for a few days.

They are delicate because the foam still had some soap chunks in it, but I think they are really cute and I'm planning on using them instead of sugar skulls in a Day of the Dead craft or two.

What could you make with soap foam?

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