Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halloween Gummies

I was super excited by these fun pumpkin and skull ice cube trays I got at the dollar store today.  They are flexible like silicone so I knew they'd be perfect for making gummies!  I've been wanted to try making candy for like a year now.

I was lucky enough to find unflavored gelatin at the store (the last two times I looked they were sold out!).  I followed the recipe from Skip To My Lou: one 3 oz packet of flavored Jello, and 3 - 1/4 oz packets on unflavored gelatin (one packet more than her cause I like them gummy).  We mixed the up in a sauce pan and added 1/3 cup water on medium low heat until it was well mixed.

Then I poured it into a little measuring cup with a good spout to prevent spillage putting them in the molds.  Each recipe made a little more than fit in one of the mold sets so I also used a plastic inset from a box of chocolates - I knew I was saving it for something!

I popped them in the fridge for a few minutes (like 10) and they came out perfect!  I had this idea that I would coat them in colored sugar (easier to make than I thought, like Rainbow Rice but no vinegar).  It turned out to be overkill though, the back sides were sticky enough that a little was nice, but the fronts didn't need it.  It was also kind of fun to stick to of them together for a big 3-D gummy (you can see the double sided skulls in the photo.

This would be super easy to do with a child (mine wasn't interested until eating time!)

These were definitely Chiquita approved!

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  1. Órale. She just keeps getting cuter and cuter with each new photo. Looking forward to meeting her!