Monday, October 28, 2013

Inspired by You!

  • Alphabet Munching Monster - this is a combination of two posts, an alphabet eating ghost from Toddler Approved and a Feed the Monster game from a Homegrown Friends.  I decided a monster was more fun than a ghost, but I loved having working on alphabet recognition and decided to make it on a big boot shoe box so it was a little more contained than stringing it across a hallway.  
We played by just naming the letters as we fed them to the monster and by having the monster "request" certain letters to see if Chiquita could find them.  She is just beginning letter recognition so it was really exciting everytime she got one right!  She loved chatting with the monster and trying to get the monster to help her "cheat".

  • Playdough spiders - I only put out eyes and pipe cleaners.  Chiquita wanted to add EVERY single eye to her playdough, but ran out of room.
  • Footprint butterflies - I was surfing pinterest and Chiquita looked over my shoulder and asked to make these butterflies!   We made multicolored ones, but lately she just wants everything pink!

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