Saturday, October 5, 2013

Seizing the Moment!

We woke up this morning to a snowy wonderland...the first week of October...

While I'm not excited by the idea of winter steam rolling fall, I knew we had to grab this opportunity before it literally melted away.  We got dressed as fast as we could, digging out mittens and snow boots.  I couldn't find any gloves so just put some socks on my hands, we only had an hour or two at best.

Luckily the snow was the perfect stickiness for a snowman.  I taught Chiquita how to roll a snowball, but she still doesn't have a lot of patience, so Mommy rolled most of the snowballs for our snow person.  Chiquita helped find rocks (and sidewalk chalk) to make a face,  and plastic stakes from the lawn care company for arms.  Then we added more snow (me, to stabilize the little guy, Chiquita just for fun).

No romp in the snow is complete without hot cocoa and a primal pumpkin muffin!

When was the last time you seized the moment?

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  1. Way to go! It is time for us to get out our winter things. This weekend, we seized the moment and jumped in as many puddles as we could getting so wet! Fun and messy! Thanks for sharing at Magic Moments Monday! (love the name of your site)