Friday, October 4, 2013

R es de Rinoceronte

Chiquita doesn't want to speak Spanish.  She does, however, want to do crafts!  I tried to convince her that we have to speak Spanish to do crafts.

I asked her if she wanted to make a "rinoceronte" (rhinosaurus).  The answer, "Yes!"  We talked about what color rinocerontes were ("te recuerdes como dicer "gray" en espanol?") and where they lived ("Y, afuera del zoo?")

I cut out a big letter R.  Chiquita was upset - she wanted to cut.  Her scissor skills aren't up to cutting out actual shapes yet... so I gave her the rest of the gray paper to cut into little pieces while I cut out a horn, two little ears ("Why are their ears chiquito?" "Elefantes tienen orejas grandes, pero rinocerontes tienen orejas chiquitos."), and toenails.

I tried to let Chiquita guess what letter rinoceronte started with while showing her the big letter R.  Not there yet.  That's ok.  She also can't trill her Rs in Spanish.  Oh well.

We glued our letter R rinoceronte together and added TWO googly eyes (always a topic of some debate "But Mommy, what about the other eye!?!")

Chiquita wanted to keep decorating her rhino, but I convinced her to let it dry while we moved on to other activities!

I'll be linking this activity up to the 31 Days of ABC.  You should check out this cool round-up of Alphabet activities.  I'll be hosting letter T on October 21st!

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