Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Primal Pumpkin Nutbutter Muffins

My favorite part about fall is pumpkin based food, so I was excited to try out this pumpkin cream cheese muffins from South Beach Primal.  I'm not personally into the paleo diet or any of the trendy diets that would mean I couldn't eat bread, but I do like healthy protein-filled options.

Here's my take:
  • I used peanut butter for the nut butter, but I think the author's preferred almond butter would be much better.  Peanut butter is too strong and really overwhelmed the pumpkin.
  • For the filling I used molasses instead of maple syrup.  I wished I'd used the sweeter maple syrup because the recipe is not very sweet.
  • My filling kind of disappeared when it was cooked, leaving the middle a little empty.  I'm not sure why.  Any ideas?
  • Mainly from laziness I skipped the strudel topping and just sprinkled Sugar in the Raw on top.  I know the pumpkin seeds are healthy, but I feel fine about saving myself some time - making a muffin with filling was enough steps for me.
Chiquita and I both liked them ok, but I would have liked them sweeter or maybe with some dried fruit chopped up with the cream cheese filling to give it more oomph.

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