Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Review - The ABC’s of Australian Animals

I love teaching adults yoga but there's nothing quite so rewarding as sharing it with my daughter.  Giselle Shardlow from Kids Yoga Stories has written several yoga books for kids that we've really enjoyed so when she asked if we would review ABC Australian Animals, her latest book, I jumped at the chance!

As you would expect from the title, each page has a yoga pose associated with an Australian animal from a to z.  Many where familiar favorites, like the red kangaroo and koala, but there were many animals that not even I had heard of before, like the brolga and quoll.

My favorite part of the book was the guide in the back.  Giselle really had great information on how to structure a class or activity and how to adapt to different ages.  When reading this or any book where I am using yoga poses with Chiquita the only thing I still "struggle" with is the flow.  So far how I've done it is we read a page, put down the book, do the pose, then pick back up the book and move to the next page.  I think it might be more ideal to read the whole book (or however much of the book you're reading) and then do the poses.  I'm not sure though, I like Chiquita to be able to see the great illustrations of the animals and poses with each position so she associates them and she doesn't seem even a little bothered by the stuttered pace.  Probably it would be different with different ages and group versus one-on-one.

I would love to hear feed back from any others who have taught yoga to their kids or groups of kids, how do you keep a flow to the class while using books?


  1. It is such a wonderful book. I still need to write my review. It looks like you had a wonderful time with it. Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!

  2. Cannot wait to receive and read my copy! And practice with my children! I accidentally discovered the joy of yoga with children when my daughter asked me to show her a few poses after my class last Wednesday!!!