Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Salta Ranita Salta

After a long break I got back together the Spanish for Preschoolers play group today! Chiquita is always very excited to have friends come and play!

We spent some time introducing ourselves, learning to say "Me llamo..." and "Como estas?"  Our main activity focused on "movement" words like salta (jump), corre (run) and gira (spin).

First I talk salta having all the kids jump with me while saying the word.  Then we read "Salta Ranita Salta".  The book is about a frog who's adventures are constantly requiring him to jump.  Every other page has the phrase, "Salta, ranita, salta!"  It was fun because I could get the children to say it with me and have some interaction.  I also had to explain the phenomenon of frog hunting to some of the kids that didn't understand why the kids in the book would catch a frog.  In some parts of the world, I told them, they eat frogs!

Then I taught the kids the action words corre and gira.  We practice by acting them out as we listened to "Josefina la Gallina", from Spanish Playground that I featured on Say It Two Ways Thursdays a few weeks ago.  Chiquita LOVES this song.  She loves running around like crazy and it was really fun.

Then we settled in to cut and color a fun frog craft from firstschool.com


  1. Oh how wonderful that you were able to get Spanish for Preschoolers play group together! Sounds like a fun class, and very interactive! I just watched the YouTube video of Josefina La Gallina, no wonder your chiquita enjoys it! It had me shaking in my chair with the "♫salta, salta, corre, corre, y gira, gira...♫" :)

    1. I had the song stuck in my head all day. Just know, if you do this with kids - I got tired! I was doing all the running, jumping, spinning, flying and by the time the song got over I really had to catch my breath to explain our craft!

    2. Hola! Thank you so much for linking at The Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop, you already know how much I love this post!

  2. I'm sure my kids would love to chant "salta rana salta!" Thanks for sharing at The Children's Bookshelf.

  3. What a great activity and Salta Ranita Salta sounds like an adorable book. My girls would love it. Thanks for linking up at The Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop!

  4. What a fun class! I really love making it so interactive. And how great that your daughter is learning Spanish with her friends!