Friday, February 15, 2013

President's Day Match Up

I downloaded a free President's Day bingo game from Teacher's Pay Teachers (which I found through Living Montessori Now) even though Chiquita is a little young because I knew we could repurpose it as a matching game.

I printed one sheet of the large call cards twice, once in black/white and once in color. Then I had Chiquita pick a card and put it over its match.  We talked about who or what was in the picture, naming it in Spanish and English.

Originally I planned on having her glue them down but I think I might laminate this for a busy bag.  It's not too early to start learning a little US History.


  1. Oh neat! Good way to make a project work for you!

    Thanks for sharing at Sharing Saturday!

  2. This a great way to work on who is on the coins.