Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine Mobile

This is our last Valentine's Day post, but it will be hanging on our wall for a while :)  We got adorable bilingual printables from Mommy Maestra to make a mobile.

I had Chiquita color a paper plate while I cut out the little circles.  Then we played a matching game with the circles, matching the pictures and talking about what they said in English and Spanish.

I cut the paper plate in a heart and Chiquita helped me punch heart holes around the bottom.  Chiquis was the glue wielder as we put the matching pictures together with a string of yarn in between.  Midway through this process Chiquita became totally bored.

I decided to take the extra yarn up through the middle just to make it look extra cute. 

Thanks Mommy Maestra!  Chiquita was excited when it was finished "For me?".  It will give us a Spanish talking point for a while!

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