Friday, February 1, 2013

C es de Carro (car)

I was inspired by Royal Baloo's A is for Ambulance for a new letter craft for our C week!  We started by looking through old magazines to cut out cars.  Chiquita tried to help cut them out but her cutting isn't that advanced yet.  Plus the magazines themselves were so fun to look at!

Once we had a good number of cars I cut a big C out of black paper and used white crayon to turn it into road, calle in Spanish, which also starts with C!

Chiquita did all the gluing and placing of the cars herself which I was really proud of since before this she has usually needed help to squeeze the glue out.  When the road was full we talked about how "los carros corren en la calle" and that all the words started with la letra C!

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