Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pajaros (Birds!) Activity & Book

Fall is a great time for bird feeders!  Some birds fly south, but those that stick around are starting to have to hunt for food.  This week in Spanish for Preschooler our lesson was all about birds!

We started off reading "Los Cinco Patitos" by Pam Paparone (translated from the English version "Five Little Ducks").  I had all the kids put up their five fingers for the five ducks and we got to practice counting on each page.  In the Spanish version the ducks go "dando alateos" as they walk, which means flapping their wings, so each time I read that we all flapped our wings.  With young kids involvement is key to story reading and motions are SO much easier than verbal questions since some of them don't talk much yet and I can't have all of them point to pictures.

Next we sang "Piquito de mi Pajarito" (click here for the lyrics and motions).  Again we had our motions and talked about the difference between "-ito" (the ending in Spanish to show that things are little) and "-ote" (one of the endings in Spanish to show that things are big).

Since the bird in this song is eating it was an easy transition to our craft - a super simple bird feeder!  We just took a toilet paper roll, punched two hole in one side and tied on a string.  Then the kids (with a little help from their moms) spread peanut butter all over the cardboard.  Finally I had a perfect sized container full of birdseed that they just rolled their feeder in to cover it in birdseed.  They were all excited to hang up their feeders at home and watch for birds!

Then we had to listen to the "Cinco Calabazas" song from last week about 20 times... The kids were crazy about that song!

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  1. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing on The Children's Bookshelf.

    I'd love to see how your bird feeders turned out. I've never made one before, but I think my daughter would love it.