Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fall Bucket Tree

Can it still be a bucket if it's a tree?  I'm all about bandwagons these days and I've been seeing bucket lists everywhere.  I get bored so it's a great idea to have a place to get inspiration for each day's adventure.

I would like to pretend that Chiquitita helped me a lot making this but honestly she colored the paper (scrap paper, we always recycle) some and I finished coloring and cutting.

We colored one page orange, one red, one yellow and one brown.  For the leaves I used one template and then started just cutting random leaf shapes out of the paper.  For the tree I cut out the trunk and put a notch in the top, then I cut branches from the the rest of the paper and glued them on.

On our leaves I wrote things I'd like us to do this fall like:
  1. Drink apple cider
  2. Decorate a pumpkin
  3. Play in leaves
  4. Collect leaves
  5. Make an apple craft
  6. Make a costume
  7. Make a turkey craft
  8. Visit Cornbelly's (a pumpkin patch and corn maze)
  9. Go on a nature walk
  10. Trick or Treat
  11. Make a skeleton craft
  12. Visit a graveyard (not morbid, I grew up by a cemetery and loved playing there, maybe we'll do a tombstone rubbing, we have a historic cemetery near the house).
  13.  Hang up our fall wreath
  14. Make (and eat) a pumpkin pie
  15. Have a bonfire (that's a maybe)
  16. Make a handprint craft
  17. Make something with salt dough.

Then we glued them to our tree!  The glue is still drying as I am typing this, so we'll hang it up tomorrow.  I am looking forward to doing everything on our tree!


  1. What a great idea! You are all set for an amazing autumn :-)

  2. I can vouch for #12... I don't recall any of us thinking Mueller's was that big a deal. When the missus and I were in the fourplex and she had a paper route, we sometimes still walked through for delivery. About the only truly morbid thing was realizing the crematorium smelled like hamburgers...


    awesome list, especially #1

  3. Ooh, we did #14 already. You have a great list tree! I love it. Thank you for sharing at Happy Family Times!!

  4. I love this idea!!! Such a fun way to create a fall bucket list! thanks for sharing at The Sunday Showcase!

  5. Great idea.. a tree instead of a bucket for Fall.I am your newest follower and would like to invite you to add this, and more of your great posts, to my weekly Mom's library Link-Up.

    Thanks and be blessed,
    Julie @ Hey Mommy, Chocolate Milk