Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My First Creative Lunch

I've seen all these cute posts of moms making fun looking lunches & I wanted to be that cool!

So, I got some sandwich cutters - dinosaurs & a butterfly, Chiquitita's current favorites.

Today we tried pb&j dinosaurs with celery & apple trees.  So cute!!

I had checked with Miss Chiquita to try & gauge whether she would actually eat it since she hasn't really embraced sandwiches yet.  I really thought I was getting a yes, but alas, she ate most of her trees but wouldn't even touch her dinosaurs except to play with them.  Oh well. 


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  1. You and I are blessed to have children that aren't really THAT picky... you know what I mean... it could be worse. (*wink* yeah, you *know* who might have it worse *wink wink*)

    Also you picked something reasonable and easy. You've seen those bento boxes, yeah? Like the one on "Cooking with Dog" (the cook has a little dog on camera with her-- no, she's not cooking her dog). Dunno how Japanese moms can be so patient because I know my missus would do it a few times and stop. (Sushi was hard enough.) She'll do the sandwich cutters and smiley faces in the oatmeal on a plate, pancakes, etc. but nothing too much more. Can't say I blame her.