Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Kids Exhibit @ LDS Church History Museum

Chiquita and I had a little outing to downtown Salt Lake City the other day and took the chance to visit the LDS Church History Museum's new exhibit "Book of Mormon Fiesta" for kids.  At the back of the top floor there was a children's interactive play area to learn about Mexican culture and LDS principles.  
Chiquita loved the bicycle and Mommy read her the story about sacrifice that went with it.  She also had a great time in the play kitchen feeding the missionaries.  There was an area to dress up and learn traditional Mexican dances with fun interactive video instructors.  Chiquitita of course spent a good amount of time driving the truck and I am sorry to say had to get a few reminders on sharing, or at least not pushing other little kids out of the truck.  
There was lots more to the exhibit that we didn't have time to explore, like Lehi's boat, magnetic wooden dress up dolls and bricks to construct a temple.  Everything had stories of examples of faith of latino members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in both English and Spanish.

Admission is always free to the museum and this exhibit is open through January 2013.  I recommend it for kids of all ages.  The rest of the museum is beautiful, if not 100% toddler friendly.  Definitely a good addition to any temple square visit.

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