Saturday, July 7, 2012

Provo McDonalds Eastbay

I think the Provo Eastbay McDonalds has my favorite playground so far!

Lots of different types of toys.  It has the musical slide & guitar like at the Lehi one.  It has a big climbing toy but also a small toddler climbing area like at American Fork but with a slide (yeah!).  It also has a little basketball court!  So for all ages and personalities.
It's in a separate area so they can run free without upsetting non-parents.

It's in a separate area.  The door to the play area is right by the exit so trips to the bathroom or for refills include the danger of a child trying to run outside and the hassle of ushering them through two sets of doors.  If they had a separate bathroom and drink station in the play area it would be perfect.

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