Monday, July 23, 2012

Ming-Ming Duck

Chiquitita loves Wonder Pets, especially Ming-ming.  I can't lie, I do too, she's so sassy!  But she always remembers about team work in the end!

We got a bunch of ducks from Arctic Circle this spring (Chiquita only wanted yellow ducks, not bunnies or white ducks) so I decided to dress one up as Ming-ming!  I used a template from Nick Jr.'s website for the hat and cape.  The hat is brown felt and the cape is random green fabric I had lying around.  I will probably exchange it for felt the next time I get to a fabric store because this fabric frays and I'm not going to hem edges or anything complicated, nap time is a precious commodity in this household.  I just used tacked the hat on in the front and back and tied on the cape.  Happiness ensued!

I know that officially I'm supposed to discourage TV and the under 2 crowd that Chiquita belongs to isn't supposed to watch any, but this is real life and Wonder Pets, Diego and Dora calm down car ride fits, give Mommy a few minutes to get dress and go pee-pee and they even teach Chiquitita to love celery.

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  1. That is adorable that you dressed up her duck! And celery is tasty ;-) Thanks for sharing at Happy Family Times :-)