Friday, July 27, 2012

Cinco Monitos (5 Little Monkeys)

Today was monkey day at Spanish for Preschoolers!  We read "Cinco Monitos Brincando en la Cama" by Eileen Christelow  (also easily found in English).  To make the story more interactive all the kids did the motions with me.  We jumped one time for each monkey that was still on the bed so we could practice counting in Spanish.  Then we held our heads when each monkey fell and pretended to call the doctor.  We shook our fingers as we told those monkeys to stop jumping on the bed!

After the story we sang "Cinco Monitos" a little bit different version of the song in Spanish (see my previous post for the lyrics).  Even though the monkeys don't jump in this song we still jumped and counted how many monkeys were left.

Then we made paper bag monkey puppets!  Each child got two paper bags.  On one bag we traced a 3 circles from a cup.  One circle alone and two circles that overlapped each other.  

Then the mommies and older kids cut them out, making sure to cut through both layers of the paper bag so that we had 2 ears, a face and a tummy!  We colored on the face, tummy and ears and then glued them to our paper bags.  Fun!

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