Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cinco Chanchito (5 Little Piggies)

The other day Chiquitita & I were driving and I heard a little voice "este chanchito, wheee!".  She was singing 5 little piggies to herself in Spanish like I do with her.  It was so cute!

Here's our translation if you'd like to play:

Este chanchito se fue al mercado (big toe)
Este chanchito quedó en casa.
Este chanchito comio mucho,
pero este chanchito no comio nada.
Y este chanchito se fue "whee whee whee" hasta la casa. (tickles on the feet!)

I love that Chiquita is starting to repeat the rhymes and songs we sing together!  What rhymes do you do with your child?


  1. Oh, so much fun!! I love that you do it in Spanish. Thank you for sharing at Happy Family Times!!

  2. It's so fun to hear them recite rhymes and sing! I learned that rhyme in Spanish as Este dedito compró un huevito. If you're interested I have a post on it on Spanish Playground
    I love your Spanish for Preschoolers articles! Gracias por compartir.