Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cinco Monitos (Five little monkeys)

Here's the lyrics for the song we sang in Spanish For Preschoolers today:
Cinco monitos sentados alli. (Show five fingers)
Cinco monitos mirandome a mi. (Point to your eye)
De los cinco monitos uno escapo. (Put down one finger)
Cuantos monitos quedo?
* Repeat, counting down: cuatro, tres, dos, uno when you have "ninguno" (none left) then say "Adios monos!"
It's fun to do with finger puppets.  I found some free printable monkey finger puppets at the dltk website (this is a great resource for educational craft btw).

We learned this song at Provo City Library's Spanish Storytime.  We love going on Fridays!

For the Kids Friday

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  1. Awesome.

    I tried it out loud and it DOES have a good rhythm. Reminds me of the "Five little monkeys" rhyme and it looks like the dltk plans are for that one, actually.