Sunday, July 15, 2012

Buzzy Bee Craft

We were watching Chiquita's favorite show, Wonder Pets, and I decided we could do a craft to go along with the episode - "Save the Bee!"
I cut out a big yellow oval, a little black oval, stripes wings & eyes.  I laid it out so Chiquita could see that it was going to be a bee.  Then I made glue stripes and she totally got that the stripes went there.  She added all the pieces & immediately wanted to play with her bee.  Fortunately I convinced her we had to let the bee dry first.  I know she'll want to play with her bee tomorrow!


  1. Such a cute idea! Finally made it by on the hop!
    Tracy @

  2. Hope she had a good time playing with it. It's so hard waiting for things to dry!

    Thanks for linking up to the Sunday showcase.