Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Artic Circle Highland, UT

We often visit the new Artic Circle in Highland, UT and I've come to realize how important an good indoor play area is.  This will be the first review of many different play places in Utah.
Play area: A
There is one big toy but it has a side for little ones, with just a few steps and a side for big ones with more steps and a tunnel slide.  There enough variety in one toy that my little one has enjoyed it since 16 months and I've seen kids as old as 8 having a good time.  They keep it clean too.  Note: this play area recommends kids keep their shoes on.
Food: B-
It's burgers, corndogs and fries.  Meh.  I can microwave this stuff at home.  The saving grace is their ice cream.  It's delicious!
Service: A
They ask for your name to call, but they always bring food to the play area.  They offer complimentary cones to everyone and all the staff has been really nice so far.  I know the manager recognizes me :)

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