Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Weaving with a Preschooler

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I have had these white wire storage units since my single days - there are little plastic pieces that let you build cubes in basically any formation you want.  I have some in Chiquita's room, a few under cupboard, but I still had some spare squares.

Since I'm always thinking about new activities for Chiquita I decided we could repurpose these easily as weaving frames!  I cut some strips of fabric and tule and sat down with Chiquita.  She picked which material she wanted to use and I tied it on to the frame.  Then I taught her just a basic over-under weaving.  The actual language that ended up working the best was "from the top, then from the bottom".  We repeated the pattern until the strip ended and I tied it to the frame again.  We did a number of strips that way.  Then Chato needed my attention so I let Chiquita just do it however she wanted to. 

It was fun to see her creative way of tying the strips on and what patterns she chose to make.  The scale of the project really worked well for her, it was big enough that it was easy for her to see where to go next and small enough that she could reach all of the frame.

I hung the finished product in her room!  Free art!

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  1. My daughter will love this!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!