Thursday, June 19, 2014

How to Gender-bend Hand-me-downs

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Chiquita had a lot of baby clothes, I mean, a LOT.  Even after giving some to friends and selling some we still have 5 tubs full of clothes in storage and an ever increasing stash of more recently outgrown clothes in the hall closet.  The idea was that we were going to have another girl and she could wear them all.  Chato came along and delayed that idea at least another 2 or 3 years.

Still, I thought, there have to be some baby clothes of Chiquita's that would work for Chato.  As I sifted through piles of pink to find the few gender neutral sleepers, I had a flash of inspiration!  Many of her infant clothes were only girlie because they were pink - a little fabric dye would take care of that!

I bought some blue Rite-Dye and experimented with a few sleepers.  Success!  I really loved how they turned out.  Since he's already outgrown all the newborn and 3-6 month old clothes from his baby shower I'm excited to get a few 9 month outfits for him!  I'm sorry the photos aren't better but I didn't know I would need photos of Chiquita in any of these outfits.  The one shown was originally white with gray spots, pink trim and pink snaps.  The snaps are actually still pink but not at all noticeable.  The spots show up better in real life just as a different shade of blue.

There were other pieces that had been stained from food or drool and I bleached them before dying and that also worked well.  A great way to give new life to "ruined" baby clothes.

Do you have other tips for making hand-me-downs work for your child?  I'd love to hear them!


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