Friday, May 2, 2014

ABC Scrabble

Chiquita pulled Scrabble down from the shelf and told me she was going to "play" it.  I hate telling her she's too little for things, so I thought we could find someway to use the game to practice her letter recognition.

We started at the beginning on the alphabet and found each letter in order.  We sang the ABC song to find out which letter was next and then Chiquita would search through the pile of letters to find it.  I had to help her with some of them, she only recognizes C, O, W, X  and Z consistently .

Then when she started to notice the duplicate letters we added them underneath the letter and had more chances to practice naming the letter.

She definitely knows the ABC song now and I think will be able to recognize quite a few more letters (E for sure).  It was also a great fine motor activity to pick up and line up the little tiles.


  1. This is a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing. Hopped over from Squishable Baby's Homeschool Link up.

  2. Great idea!! Thank you for sharing at Sharing Saturday!

  3. Wow, this is a wonderful way to learn the letters - and fun!

    It would also be a great way for phonics learning. Thanks so much for sharing this on the #homeschoollinkup!

  4. Well done on embracing her request and coming up with a remarkable improv idea. I read somewhere just recently that children who are given the opportunity to play creatively and spontaneously are more resilient in life with unexpected things thrown at them. Well done, mama!