Thursday, April 24, 2014

Christian File Folder Games

I'm always looking for quiet activities for Chiquita to do during church.  If I can find something actually church-related that's a bonus!

Here are a few high quality Christian file folder games that Chiquita has loved:
  • Days of Creation matching game from MM Printables.  Even though we lost the first day (I've been meaning to replace it, oops!) she still plays it often.
  • Jesus Loves All Children from Bible Fun for Kids.  Chiquita really liked all the kids and trying to guess where they each were from.
  • God Makes the Weather from Bible Fun for Kids.  This was only sort of religious in that everything on earth is really related to God, but I really loved this game for Chiquita.  It was a different type of file folder game than a typical matching game.  Putting the different types of weather in the season is somewhat subjective and allowed Chiquita to explain her reasons for placing things and open up dialog. 
All of these were open-ended enough to promote discussion and allow teaching Chiquita my personal beliefs and things taught in the scriptures.  I was really impressed with Bible Fun for Kids, they had some very sophisticated folder games for older children.

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