Thursday, March 20, 2014

Inspired by you!: Pom pom shooter

Chiquita recently found a balloon that had made it's way home with us all the way from a KFC in France last summer.  She made me fill it with air again and again until it finally popped.  She was so sad!  I remembered seeing this blog post about making a pom-pom shooter with a balloon and a cardboard tube (I can't find it anywhere, please comment if it was your post!) so I promised her I'd make the balloon into a fun toy (partly to keep her from trying to chew on the broken balloon).

It was a few days before I made good on my promise (she found the balloon, I had forgotten).  I just taped the balloon securely on the end of a paper towel roll and tied a knot in the opening of the balloon.  It was tricky to get the knot on the middle since the pop wasn't conveniently placed.

Chiquita was excited to play with it.  We started with one pom pom, but soon Chiquita was filling  it with ALL the pom poms. We "experimented" whether it worked better with more or less.  I tried to help her notice how it was also different depending on the angle of the tube.  Mainly she just had lots of fun!

We came back to this toy several times in the weeks following - Chiquita added a second tube (not so helpful in getting the pom poms to actually shoot, they sometimes got stuck) and some decorations.  Good fun!


  1. A balloon lasting all the way from France? That's incredible.

    1. She took it everywhere and made sure it got on the plane, then it got stuck up on top of her armoire and forgotten...

  2. Haha what a simple idea- my son would love this! And yes, well done on keeping a balloon for so long!! Funny what they get attached to, isn't it?