Thursday, February 20, 2014

DIY Envelopes

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Years ago I got tons of thank you cards from someone through freecycle, the only problem was they didn't have any envelopes.  I have used many of them, stealing envelopes from other cards or making them into postcards (another post for another day).  It took making thank-you notes with Chiquita to realize that I could make my own envelopes!

All you need is:
I opened up the card and cut the paper a little wider than the card and a few inches taller.  Then I gently bent the paper in half the long way to cut a triangle-shaped flap.
I just folded the bottom up and glued along the sides.  In retrospect I could have made flaps, but the less complicated the better for me.

To make sure the address was legible I just added an address label a slightly smaller return address label.  Then I slide in the card and glued down the flap.  Add a stamp and mail! 

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