Thursday, February 27, 2014

Burying Our Weapons

I have a calling in my church to do activities twice a month with girls age 8 through 9, we call it Activity Days.  This week I decided to help them prepare a Family Home Evening, a lesson and activity about a spiritual topic, that they could share with their families. 

The lesson is based on Alma 24 (from the Book of Mormon) I found the inspiration for this lesson from this post from Blue Skies Ahead.  I loved the way she really applied the scriptures to her family by helping them recognize what "weapons" they use to hurt each other.   I also loved that the activity made it really literal for her children, that when we repent we don't just talk about it, but really get rid of those behaviors by any means necessary.

I made a handout with an outline of the lesson for the girls to make it easy for them to do this lesson with their families.  You can download it here.  I added an opening song and treat to round out the lesson.

For our activity we started out by talking about the lesson.  Then we prepared the pudding for the treats - Pudding Dirt Cups (recipe is on the handout). Since they buried their weapons I thought it would be cute to have dirt.  Another leader pointed out we could have gotten toothpick swords to "bury" in the treats.  I knew this treat would be easy enough for them to make on their own for their families so we were just making it for the girls so they could practice.

While the pudding was setting we traced enough swords onto big pieces of cardboard for each of their family members.  *Tip*  Either choose thinner cardboard or be equipped with a box cutter because we had a HARD time cutting out the swords!

We ended this Activity Days by assembling the Pudding Dirt Cups and chowing down (the girls' favorite part).