Sunday, November 3, 2013

Ditching the Stroller

After a month in Europe using the stroller all day every day we came back to the States and without a conscience decision basically ditched the stroller.

Here's what I've noticed with ditching the stroller (lots of duhs):
  • Chiquita is more interactive.  Whether we're on a walk or in a museum she gets more involved in her surroundings when she's walking than when she's strolling.  Sometimes this is a plus and a minus as it means I have to keep track of her a little more, she's not nice and contained.
  • No more dragging around an empty stroller when she does get out to interact.  It also means no portable purse storage.
  • Different time issues.  It takes less time to get in and out of the car or house, but more time to walk anywhere.  She has little legs that can only walk so fast.
  • Sometimes I have to carry her.  Since I'm 7 months pregnant it's only if REALLY needed, but sometimes it has to be done.
  • As is obvious, Chiquita gets more exercise, which is good because she's got a lot more energy!
 We've started going on little walks almost every afternoon, enjoying the mild autumn weather while we can.  As I said, walks are really different with her walking rather than strolling.  We have to stop to pick flowers, check out leaves, notice pirate ghosts (or paint spills depending on your amount of imagination) and generally enjoy our surroundings.  It's perfect when the objective of your walk is the journey, but not so great if we actually have to get somewhere.

How old were your kid(s) when you ditched the stroller?


  1. I alternate these days. If we are taking a bus/subway, I ditch it. Otherwise, I take it. My son is 23 months but he is very busy, and we live in Brooklyn sort of near some main roads. Sometimes it's just easier to stash him in there. But I agree about the benefits of NO STROLLER. It definitely tires him out more! (found you through SPP)

  2. We still use our toddler Kinderpack with our 2 year old, but she mostly walks now (zoo, Disneyland, etc.)...I think she's been in the stroller once in her short life.

    1. Man, you are getting go exercise actually carrying her!

  3. What a great piece about being deliberate with your children and where we are! Strollers are very convenient but there is always a tradeoff. :) Thanks for sharing at Magic Moments!

  4. A lovely look at the way the world changes out of a stroller!