Tuesday, October 22, 2013

David Shannon Book Pack

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We were thrilled to win this David Shannon Book Pack from Chasing Supermom!  It came just in time for Chiquita's 3rd birthday and we read them all the moment they came.

"No David" was adorable!  Chiquita giggled and tsked as Davey misbehaved.  Both of us loved that Davey's Mommy loved him, even when he was naughty.

The other books were at a slightly higher reading level then we have been doing.  There was more text on each page then I expected her to be patient with, but she surprised me.

"Bugs in My Hair" was maybe a little too old for her.  She didn't quite understand what lice were yet and though she liked to see them party, I think we'll pull this book out more when she gets to be school-aged.

Chiquita loved "A Bad Case of the Stripes"!  The story is fantastical, the illustrations are beautiful.   Camilla Cream is unwilling to admit that she loves lima beans and the longer she holds out, the stranger her life becomes.

I'm not sure Chiquita fully grasps the book's message of "be true to yourself", but she has requested this book almost nightly since it arrived and Camilla Cream has joined Dora, Diego and Jake as people she wishes she could visit.


  1. I was not sure of reading A Bad Case of Stripes after reading so many negative reviews. I thought that sad because it was a nice book and funny too. David Shannon books are great! I love the whole set.. we used it for reading comprehension exercises and had so much fun with them! thanks for sharing!
    -Resh @ Stackingbooks

    1. I really hadn't heard bad reviews. I read a few where kids were kid of freaked out about the possibility of changing different colors. Thankfully Chiquita has a wonderful imagination, but not so strong that she gets too worried about books and shows.

  2. I appreciated your comment about she surprised you by enjoying books at a higher level than you expected her to like. My kids are constantly surprising me! I'm trying to learn to challenge them more but every time I try, it's still "easy"! Kids are so amazing!
    Thanks for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday! Hope to see you again this week!