Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Crafts with Photobooth Strips (or any small photos)

We love to visit the Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy, UT.  I got an annual pass so we go often and Chiquita always wants to take pictures in the photo booth.  It's fun and we get Mommy and Me pictures that don't happen much otherwise.

The only drawback?

Now what do I do with all these little pictures?

Some could go in photo albums, but I get 3 copies each time.  I spent some time coming up with ideas:

1. Super simple bookmarks
 I just laminated the whole strip, punched a hole near the top and added yarn to make a bookmark for father's day.  Hardly counts as a craft it's so easy!

I tried googling and pinteresting and saw cute key chains made with little photos!  When I started pricing all the supplies at my local craft store I realized I was looking at making $5 key chains.  Hmmm...  there must be another way...

2. Recycled Plastic Flat Key chains
I knew I had to be able to use plastic from our recycle bin somehow.  A lid to Pringles jars was just the right size, flat, good thickness.  So for my first attempt I cut off the lip from the lid and punched a hole (not so easy, probably should have used our industrial hole punch).  Then I covered one side in this cute Hello Kitty packaging tape.  I glued down one of the pictures and covered it with clear packaging tape.  Then I cut down everything to just frame the picture.  A nail file worked well to smooth the edges.  I used too much glue for the picture though and had to keep smoothing the packaging tape and squeezing glue out the edges.  Probably double-sided  tape would work better.

3. Upcycled Picture Jewelery
I recently purged my jewelry box(es) at our yard sale, but I still had all kinds of odds and ends - one earring, broken chains, etc.   I love all the jewelry you see with little pictures behind "glass" or under beads, so I found out an easy way to do it - Modge Podge Dimensional Magic.  You just squeeze it on top of whatever (being careful to tilt it sideways to avoid bubbles) and let it dry.  Instant 3-D effect!

I took a circle from an old earring and used it to trace matching circles on the photo and a piece of scrapbook paper.  I glued the scrapbook paper to the photo and the photo to the circle (tip: I used a tiny paint brush to put the glue on the earring circle - I'd learned my lesson about too much glue from the key chain!  Then I sealed the back with decoupage glue.  After everything dried I added the Dimensional Magic to the front.  I had to redo this last step a few times to get it to the thickness I wanted.  Just add a jump ring and chain for a necklace!

3.5 Here's different style with a pendant - I just took one of the leftover artichoke pendants from a necklace I'd already dissected another remake.  I cut out a small picture and glued it to the back with tacky craft glue.  Once it was dry I added dimensional magic - more to seal/embed it than necessarily add dimension.  Then I just added it back on to a chain. 

I might not be done yet.  I'm having a lot of fun and I've only spent $10 total on supplies (glue and tape) and there's plenty left!

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