Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mama Pajaros (Mommy Birds)

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This week in Spanish for Preschoolers we celebrated the warm weather with a lesson all about mommy and baby pajaros (birds).  To start off I had three momma birds of different colors on our white board.  I went through with the kids what color each momma was:

verde = green
azul = blue
rosada = pink

Then I let them know that the momma birds had lost their eggs (though several kids had already noticed the easter eggs "hidden" around the room).  The kids found all the eggs and together we matched up the eggs by color to their momma.  I would say, "La mama pajaro verde (pointing to the bird) tiene huevos verdes.  Cuales huevos son verdes?"  They would have to pick out the eggs that were the right color and I had them all repeat the color name with me.

After the eggs were sorted we counted how many eggs each momma bird had.  The pajaro verde had 1 huevo.  The pajaro azul had 2 huevos and the pajaros rosada had 3 huevos.  You could pick higher numbers for older children, I just didn't have tons of leftover easter eggs.  I've tried to do some counting each time to keep reinforcing numbers.

We played a quick round of freeze dance, with everyone dancing like birds.  Then we read Mama Pajaro, a mini book that can be downloaded for free at dltk-kids.com.  I always print the black and white version so it doubles as a coloring book.  I had the kids color after we read the book and as they got bored we started our final activity.

We made little pom-pom birdies to put inside the eggs.  To be able to do this craft the children had to tell me which color they wanted (good for review).  I gave them the same color egg and birdie since we'd been doing color matching but they don't have to match.  Everyone was able to make a few baby birds!


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  2. I just found you through the blog hop, and I'm so glad I did! We're just about to ramp up our Spanish efforts around here, and I love your ideas. Looking forward to taking some time to look around more thoroughly. Thanks for the inspiration!


  3. This is such a fun way to learn colors in Spanish and I love your pom-pom birdies! I'm so glad you're co-hosting the Creative Kids Culture Blog Hop - welcome!

  4. The pom-pom birdies are so cute! You have such creative ways to get the kids practicing their Spanish. Glad to be hosting the Creative Kids Culture Hop with you!