Monday, April 8, 2013

J es de Jugo {Bilingual Alphabet}

I was worried about the letter J.  There aren't many words in Spanish that start with J: jardin, jirafa... um... and I couldn't think of any that also started with J in English!

So I went to and checked out what they had for the letter J, they had this coloring page with not only jardin and jirafa but jabon (soap), jugetes (toys) and the winner - jugo (juice)!  I knew I could find something bilingual if I tried hard enough.

I seemed to have a mental block though because I had no ideas for a juice craft.  Thank you internet!  I found a great craft at Simply-hood.  It was very simple!  Just cut out two letter Js, one white and one a juice color!

I decided to have Chiquita color one of the Js rather than use construction paper, just so there was a little more for her to do.  She chose jugo de naraja (orange juice).  We glued on a straw, but it won't stay glued, so I think I'm going to make a paper straw.  That will make it easier when I laminate it too (I'm assembling an ABC book of all our letter crafts).

Chiquita liked it so much that we had to drink some juice!

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  2. Good idea...I can imagine some letters are hard to do bilingual!!

    Thanks for sharing at Sharing Saturday!